A Bold Stroke for a Wife

I enjoyed this play. I found that I actually understood some of the humour in it. I will talk about the treatment of women in this play. This play treats women as less than human. They are not allowed to decide anything for themselves, not even who to marry. Women are bossed around and treated badly in general by the men in the play. I find this blog difficult to write because I don’t really have much to say about this other than I really enjoyed it and I understood the humour in the play.

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   I was surprised to find that I liked this play alot. It is my favorite play so far. It was very exciting and had alot of action in it. I liked that there was not only talking but also actions taken. I found the play’s languge was easier to understand as well. Women in this play were treated horribly as in every other play we have studied. As an example Imoinda was taken from her husband and thrown into slavery as another man’s wife. Also she would rather die than be alone without a man to protect her.

   The comic pot of Lucia and Charlotte was quite funny and added alot to the play in itself. I think the comic plot may have been introduced to make fun of the upper classes in how unintelligent they were as opposed to how intelligent they really are. In this play the slaves are portrayed as being more intelligent then the people with power. I liked this element of the plot.

    That is all I have to say about this play. I am looking foward to learning more about this play in class.


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The Rover

 After reading the Rover I found that I liked the play. I didn’t expect to like it however I did. The Rover seemed different to me than the previous plays. It was not only easier to unserstand for me but it was also more enjoyable. I liked the plot line. Since I have never read anything previously that this author has written I went into the story with no preconceptions about her work. I found the author made alot of references to kings and political aspects of the time period. This really surprised me because I have never read a work with so many refferences as such. I am not really sure why the author makes these references so much of the time throughout the play. My guess is that the author was playing to the king and political figures of the time. Maybe this author wrote alot for kings and such.

  In this play the treatment of gender is a very interesting point of discussion. I see the treatment of gender in this play as more equal than in the other plays but of course not to the level of today’s standards. The women in the play are treated as property as usual however the men listen to them sometimes. This is especially evident in the relationship between Florinda and Don Pedro. Although he does tell her what to do he also listens to what she wants at times in the play. Florinda loves Belvile and eventually after trying to pursuade her otherwise he helps her get her man.

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The Country Wife: A Blog By Lydia

The play titled The Country Wife brings to life some classic issues which have been debated and challenged for decades. The way in which women are treated by men. Although I found this particular play quite difficult to interpret so forgive my rather bland comments but what I got out of this play was that the men in this play felt (especially PinchWife) that women needed to be controlled in order to keep them from cheating on them. In this play women are treated as unworthy beings who cannot think for themselves.

In my opinion I did not really like this play but that is neither here nor there. I hope to learn more from the views of the other students and maybe then I will enjoy this play more than I currently do.

That is all I can really think to say about this play for now. I look foward to being able to write more in the future.

Lydia Cox

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